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Oprah Talks to Activist Nekima Levy Armstrong Who Made Sure We Knew George Floyd’s Name

Twin Cities activist, civil rights attorney, and professor Nekima Levy Armstrong has been doing justice-based work for years.  Levy Armstrong helped organize the earliest protests...

‘Boots on the Ground’ Demanding Justice in the Twin Cities

In the midst of the closing of the Derek Chauvin trial, activists, organizers and community members continued to take to the streets to demand...

Parents Call for Boycott of Minneapolis Public Schools

On Monday, August 31, Minnesota Parent Union, announced in advance of school starting next week a boycott of Minneapolis Public Schools. In a press...

You’re Either With Our Young People of Color or Against Them

Our community is reeling after the murder of George Floyd. For me, a Black person in Minneapolis, the brutality on display hits my heart and...

DSoE Ep. 10: Our Children’s Right to a Quality Education With Justice Alan Page and President Kashkari

https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForTheCities/videos/2668156183497953/ Ret. MN Supreme Court Justice Alan Page and MPLS Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari join Rashad to discuss the need for our children...

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