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Minnesota Bill Could Further Criminalize Black and Brown Children in Our Schools

In the wake of the murder of Daunte Wright and the conviction of Derek Chauvin, there are yet again urgent and increasing calls for...

A ‘Nice’ Mayor Isn’t Going to Get All Families Into Stable Housing

Last Friday, after months of requests, Mayor Frey finally agreed to a virtual sit down with us and some parents about the city's program,...

Lake Harriet Student Says Teacher Told Them ‘Black Kids Are Not as Smart as White Kids’

A former student at Lake Harriet Community School recently took to TikTok to recall the time a teacher told them "statistically Black kids are...

Parents Call for Boycott of Minneapolis Public Schools

On Monday, August 31, Minnesota Parent Union, announced in advance of school starting next week a boycott of Minneapolis Public Schools. In a press...

You’re Either With Our Young People of Color or Against Them

Our community is reeling after the murder of George Floyd. For me, a Black person in Minneapolis, the brutality on display hits my heart and...

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