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Here’s More Proof of Why We Need More Educators of Color in Our Schools

Educators of color make students' lives better. All students' lives, not only the students who look like the educators at the front...

DSoE Ep. 8: Rashad Talks With Special Guests About the Page Amendment

https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForTheCities/videos/328382808442736/ Love or literacy? Can you have one without the other? Rashad also speaks with...

DSoE Ep. 7: Minnesota Parent Union Town Hall with Education Commissioner Ricker


DSoE Ep. 6: Back To School 2020 or Nah?


DSoE Ep. 5: If Schools Aren’t Quality, GT*O

https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForTheCities/videos/2004256193047361/ Is one day of learning per week enough for our children? Are teachers unions exploiting one million...

Parents Call for Boycott of Minneapolis Public Schools

On Monday, August 31, Minnesota Parent Union, announced in advance of school starting next week a boycott of Minneapolis Public Schools. In...