As a district, Minneapolis Public Schools has some of the worst educations gaps by race in the country. 

With these gaps in mind, Justice for The Cities is proud to highlight the work of the Advancing Equity Coalition and their efforts to hold Minneapolis Public Schools accountable for racial equity. Below, find information on the inequitable distribution of quality, experienced teachers, and the lack of teachers of color in a district with a majority of students of color. Click on the infographics to see more. 

Teacher Quality

Teacher Diversity

Teacher Experience

Keeping Tabs on Teacher Contract Negotiations

You may not realize it, but the contract negotiations between the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and Minneapolis Public Schools is one of the single most important processes when it comes to the education of students in Minneapolis, and has major policy implications for our most vulnerable students across the city. These meetings and negotiations often go overlooked, but it’s more important than ever to hold our system and its leaders accountable for the experiences of students of color in the district. Watch brief recaps of all of the MFT-MPS teacher contract negotiation sessions below.