Mayor Frey to Hear Activist Concerns on Improving City’s Rental Assistance Program

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A few weeks ago we shared a press release from brightbeam activists Adriana Cerrillo and Khulia Pringle who hosted a rally in front of the Mayor’s house demanding a meeting to discuss the city’s new program, Stable Homes Stable Schools. After a review of the mayor and city council’s program, activists were able to identify some major flaws.

The current structure of the Stable Homes Stable Schools Plan sends the message that the city of Minneapolis is only interested in supporting some students’ education and if the goal truly is to target our most vulnerable with the allocation of resources, all students in Minneapolis should be included in this plan.

Immediately after the rally, Mayor Frey was forced to respond and left a comment on the Justice for the Cities Instagram page stating, “Thanks – we agree. That’s the goal of the program we started called ‘stable homes stable schools.’ Already helped almost 3,000 Mpls school children and counting. Thank you for the support in expanding it!” Clearly this response was not enough.

Activists continued to lay down the hammer and the mayor’s office finally responded confirming a meeting with activists and parents Friday, May 28. The demand is what it’s always been, “include all families and students in the city’s plan for stable housing.” It really is that simple, and hopefully Mayor Frey will do the right thing.

It’s not too late to add your name to the petition and join the over 230 people who are with us in this fight.

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