Parents and Community Members Call on Minneapolis Mayor and City Council to Expand Stable Homes Stable Schools Program

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Contacts: Khulia Pringle, p. 651-432-1821, [email protected]
Adrianna Cerrillo, p. 612-254-5411, [email protected]

Where: Mayor Jacob Frey’s Residence 
303 Hennepin Avenue. Minneapolis, Minnesota. 55414
Date: Saturday, May 8th, 2021
Time: 2:00p – 3:30 p.m. CT

We are calling on Mayor Jacob Frey to meet with community members regarding the expansion of the Stable Homes Stable Schools program by May 21, 2021.

While we are generally supportive of the Stable Home Stable Schools program and are pleased to see that the Mayor’s office and city council are investing in stable housing for our youngest learners as a means of decreasing poverty and increasing academic outcomes, we have identified flaws in the framework that exclude the needs and support for thousands of low-income students and families. 

The current structure of the Stable Homes Stable Schools Plan sends the message that the city of Minneapolis is only interested in supporting some students’ education and if the goal truly is to target our most vulnerable with the allocation of resources, all students in Minneapolis should be included in this plan.

We know that investing in housing helps reduce opportunity gaps regardless of whether one attends a traditional district school, a public charter school, is homeschooled or open enrolled. Data shows that increasing homelessness and housing instability amongst school-aged youth are widening opportunity gaps which presents a clear and present danger to our communities. 

Our goal is to advocate on behalf of all families who are stakeholders in the city of Minneapolis. It’s time for the voices of families to be heard and we hope members of the media will come out to hear our perspective.

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