PETITION: Stable Homes, Stable Schools for All Minneapolis Students and Families

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The ‘Stable Homes Stable Schools’ program in Minneapolis was designed to help provide rental assistance to the families of students who need stable housing. Community activists who are supportive of the program’s goals are also highlighting how it systematically ignores a large percentage of low-income students and students of color and deprives them of the aid they especially need.

The program, which was initially a “pilot program,” and is still described as such on the MPHA Stable Homes Stable Schools site although it is now fully funded, is limited to students in 18 district schools. This means students and families from the rest of the district, those enrolled in neighboring districts and the tens of thousands of charter schools students who are more likely to be students of color and low-income students, are left out. 

Add your name to the petition below demanding Mayor Jacob Frey listen to education activists and include all students and families in the city’s plan for stable housing.

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